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After to develop a few sport applications, mkTeks starts to create games for iPhone. We hope our games will interest you. Currently our games are free.
Enjoy it !

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Don't miss anything ! QI Battles is perhaps the game of the year !
Enjoy it while it is free !

A Reflection Game :
QI Battles is a reflection game which is played between 2 players. Will you succeed in beating your opponent (computer or human) by trapping him ? Or on the contrary will you be made walk on the feet ?!

How To Play :
Red Player : Select a red cell and click on the valid button to confirm.
Yellow Player : Select a yellow cell and click on the valid button to confirm.

Game Rules :
QI Battles is a game which is played between 2 players (against the computer or a friend) in turns.
The red player plays horizontally (on a line of the table) in according to the last cell chosen by his opponent. His opponent, the yellow player, plays vertically (on a column of the table).

The aim is to have the greatest score at the end of the game. The score of the players increase or decrease in according to the values of the chosen cells by the players.

When a cell is played this one hasn't got value and become gray. Consequently, this cell can't be played anymore.

The game is over when the player having the hand hasn't got anymore cell to play.

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