My Football Center

My Football Center is the most complete football app in smartphones !
It contains more than 600 championships around the world, all major tournaments (like World Cup, Europe Cups, Champions League, etc.) as well as friendly matches !

For each championship, you'll get:
- League table.
- Live results (with details of each match in real time !)
- Matches results (with exact time).
- live match commentaries minute by minute !
- Details of matches played.
- Teams line-up (before and after the match).
- Injured and suspended players.
- Other information like number of spectators, referee, etc.
- Schedule of upcoming matches (with exact time).
- Historical results from the past.
- Playoff, if scheduled for the league.
- Top scorer table
- Card table
- Table standing of the team performance (last 6 matchs and last 3 matchs)
- Staff and team stadium
- etc

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